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Jump Rope for Heart Update

In support of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Jump Rope for Heart event, we are encouraging all Parents to consider fundraising online. Online fundraising is the most time efficient way to help support your child’s fundraising goals – in addition, it is safe and secure, it saves paper and online donors receive an instant tax receipt!

Plus, when students receive their first online donation (of any amount) they will receive a $5 kick-start and a free skipping rope* so they can practice their skipping skills and stay active all year long!

How to get started
1. Visit and Register for JUMP
2. Set up your personal fundraising page
3. Send donation request emails to friends, family and colleagues

Thank you for making Canada a healthier place to call home, by funding the critical research that tangibly improves the lives of Canadian families, like yours, every day.

Jump Rope for Heart Update