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Kindergarten students build their own robots

When artificial intelligence takes over, you can blame the Kindergarten students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School.

These little minds have been working with their grade 7 reading buddies to build 3-D robots, said Teacher Christine Clannon.

Clannon, with Early Childhood Educator Angie Dunplos and Teacher Matthew MacDonald used the collaboration to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) learning.

“This project is completely student driven,” said Clannon.

After students researched different kinds of robots, they were given creative freedom to then design their own robots, name them and assign them a special skill.

All robots were built using recycled household objects that were then painted over.

“This project gave students the chance to engage in experiential learning and problem-solving, to take thoughtful risks, to embrace collaboration, and to work through the creative process,” said Clannon.

“It also gave the grade 7 students the opportunity to take on leadership roles.”

Kindergarten students build their own robots
Kindergarten students build their own robots