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International Day of People with Disabilities

Event Date: Dec 03, 2022

December 3 is International Day of People With Disabilities (IDPwP). Established by the United Nations in 1996, IDPwP is a day dedicated to increasing public awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities and celebrating their achievements.

The overarching them for the 2022 global observance to commemorate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is innovation and transformative solutions for inclusive development.

The HWCDSB recognizes that every person contributes in his/her own unique way to the fabric of our Catholic community by sharing their God-given gifts. We continue to seek innovative and transformative means by which to include and to assist all learners in achieving reaching their potential and the fullness of their humanity.

On this day we ask ourselves:
• What can I do every day to make everyone feel valued?
• What can I do to help everyone participate and feel included?
• What can I do to empower others?

When we take the time to listen and learn from each other, we see the special talents in everyone around us.

We are able to create a school where everyone feels included and valued.

We have the ability to make our schools and classrooms a community that welcomes everyone.

A smile, a listening ear, and a thoughtful approach to others can brighten someone’s whole day.

Today, and every day, let us make a special effort to include everyone.

Father of all that is good and holy,
We ask that You bless us with Your infinite love and mercy.
Thank you for making each of us unique, created in Your holy image.
Thank you for all of the things we learn from each other, through our similarities and differences.
Allow us to see the special talents in everyone around us.
Guide our actions to create Catholic communities open to the gifts of each individual.
Give us courage to support one another.
Give us an appreciation of the role we play in spreading Your good news to all we meet.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,

International Day of People with Disabilities
International Day of People with Disabilities